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Tax & Accounting Services


Tax and accounting planning is part of a long-term strategy.  Tax returns and other compliance filings are often as useful for the authoritative information they provide for planning what will happen, as they are for reporting what has happened in the past.   We take a pro-active approach and tailor our services to help you, your family and your firm stay on top and prosper. 

We provide high-quality, reasonably-priced tax and accounting services to businesses and individuals involved in a variety of areas.  Additionally, we have successfully represented clients in IRS Appeals and Tax Court. 

Bottom line; you get top credentials and expertise at competitive prices.

Legal Services


Starting and maintaining a business can be a daunting task.  The trials, tribulations and risks of daily business transactions sometimes require the blessing of an independent advisor, such as an experienced CPA or Attorney.  With our firm, you get both!   Whether you operate as an individual, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company, we can help.  If you have a question about something that might affect you, your business, or your family, we encourage you to call us before you act.  

Finally, we can assist in the preparation of family documents to provide the proper succession of your family assets.  Will and trust preparation and estate & probate work goes a long way to accomplish this.

Bottom line; with our firm, you get the best in legal representation.

Consulting Services


We provide litigation support services including confidential consulting services as well as expert witness services.  We can help you to analyze economic data in preparation for litigation, prepare models for use throughout the litigation process, and provide knowledgeable, reliable expert testimony.

Bottom line; we can be your chosen professional OR we can assist your chosen professional who might need additional expertise.     

Entertainment Business Services


We have extensive experience working with the entertainment industry.  We understand the very unique needs of those in the business and are familiar and sensitive to the considerations they face and understand  their critical issues. 

Our firm serves a variety of clients. We work with distributors and independent production companies, as well as individual producers and talented performers.  Our experience in negotiating and drafting a broad spectrum of agreements related to the entertainment field brings value to every client relationship. 

We provide entertainers and those entertainment businesses with high quality business and legal representation in a professional and timely manner, tailored to this unconventional and non-traditional field. Our clients are able to concentrate on what they do best knowing that their business and legal affairs are being conducted with the highest degree of competence.

Bottom line, we speak the language of this industry.

Investment Advisory Services


Our professional association with an independent  financial advisor allows us to provide you with additional financial advisory services.   Anthony Morrison, CFP® helps clients across the country, by providing comprehensive and objective guidance with regard to Financial Planning, Insurance and Investment Services.  Anthony’s objective is to help our clients achieve and maintain financial security and peace of mind.

Diverse portfolios are constructed to help clients achieve their savings, investment, retirement, and charitable objectives.  Anthony maintains appropriate security licenses through FINRA (Series 7, 63) and is an investment advisor representative of Capital Analysts Incorporated.  

As an independent insurance agent, Anthony is able to survey the marketplace and provide solutions to protect the income, assets, and lifestyle of our clients through the prudent use of Life, Health, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance.

Anthony has a love and appreciation for the outdoors and live music. 

Bottom line; we can help maximize your financial resources.

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